Terms and Conditions


– Any harassment, inappropriate or disorderly behaviour will not be tolerated at our events. You will be removed immediately, and your membership will be terminated without a refund.

– We reserve the right to terminate your membership without a refund if a complaint has been made against you, for misuse of our services.

– Event memberships are non-refundable.

– We cannot be held liable for anything that happens outside of our events. Your safety is important to us. Please take safety precautions when meeting up outside of our events. Please also make use of an uber/taxi service if you decide to drink at our events.

– If you’re unable to attend an event but you’ve already purchased a ticket, to get a full refund you need to let us know 7 days before, after this you can get a 50% refund back or roll over the 50% refund to use at your next event. If you only notify us 48 hours before or less, we unfortunately do not give a refund.

– We take photos/videos of attendees at our events, as we need these to be able to market and grow our business. By accepting our Terms and Conditions, you grant us permission to use these photos/videos on our website gallery & for our Social Media accounts as well as on any other platforms we wish to promote our business on.


– We do a thorough screening of each person for safety purposes before they are allowed into our exclusive community, but should you have a bad experience where you feel unsafe on your date, please let us know and we reserve the right to remove that candidate from our database immediately.

– If we arrange a meet-up with your match and they don’t show up or either party cancels on the day of setup event, we will refund only the person that got let down on the day of.

– If for whatever reason you need to change the time/date of your date (sickness etc.), we allow your date to be changed once. We do not like messing the other party around, so if the date gets cancelled due to moving times around we reserve the right to keep your funds as we have delivered our service fully and will need to refund the other party.

– We cannot guarantee that we will find a match for you. This is based on the pool of eligible singles available at the time and whether we believe they would be a good match for you. We truly believe in the art of curating the connection and therefore, take the time to make sure we find the perfect match for you. After all, love is patient <3

– Matchmaking sign-ups are non-refundable.

– You agree that you will not harass, mistreat, stalk or intimidate any person that we match you with. If a complaint is made against you, we reserve the right to terminate your membership immediately without a refund.

– We ask you for your ID documents when applying for safety reasons and to see that you are the person you say you are. This is to make sure that this platform is a safe space for singles to meet other like-minded singles.